My career has been in the Jan/San and food packaging industry. I started in direct B2B distribution sales with two different distributors in Huntsville, Alabama, then moved into territory management as a Regional Manager with Spartan Chemical Company  Toledo, Ohio. After five years with Spartan, I became Director of Sales with the largest Jan/San Food Packaging distributor in Alabama, Central Paper Company. I served as Director of Sales for fifteen years. Later, I managed  accounts for a few years, served as Business Development Manager helping with talent development, headed up our Acute Care team, and work with governmental accounts through a cooperative purchasing program. I then served as Director of Business Development and manage our digital marketing efforts and spend time selling and managing food processing accounts. Today I am VP of Sales at Central Paper Company leading the South’s best sales and customer service team.

I have also written extensively for Tradepress Publications as a content expert. If you look at cleanlink.com you can search my articles and also read a number of articles where I was interviewed by other writers.

The purpose of Sales Savvy is to help salespeople and sales managers grow sales. I coach individuals and sales teams as well as provide marketing services for small business.

On this site I will provide articles and resources on subjects relating to sales and marketing, but always with an eye toward providing very practical skills that will make you more money now!

Mindset is always a part of our discussions since it is the starting point for ALL success in business and life. I am here to help. Contact Louie at Louie@Sales-Savvy.com.

All about growth,

Louie Davis

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