Louie Davis

Sales and Marketing professional Vice President of Sales at Central Paper Company Birmingham, Alabama
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Excited…The Future is Bright

I have been selling for many years now. My enthusiasm for the business is stronger than ever. Why? Simple. I committed to getting better every day, to learning, to teaching, to growing and helping others grow! The harder I work at my profession the more I love it!!! Can’t wait till tomorrow.

Happy Thanksgiving

Territory Management

How to Structure and work your Sales Territory Continue reading

Simply Powerful

Digital or Printed Sales Sheets

Which should you use sales calls…printed sales sheets or digital copies that you email? Both…of course! It is more practical and faster to use a printed sheet during a presentation. You can point to features on the sheet, highlight salient points, and leave it with them. Besides, many buyers are tactical and prefer something they … Continue reading

Doing What I Do


A Less Chilly Cold Call: Pre-call Planning Research

Early in my sales career, I heard from most everyone, that a salesperson needed to make lots of cold calls. The more calls the better! The procedure was simple. Just drive down the street and find a business that could be a potential customer. Go inside the business and ask the first person you see, … Continue reading

Sales Call Planning Specifics

My last article covered a few of the basics relating to planning to sell. I covered the importance of product knowledge and developing sales skills. Today I want to show you how to formally plan to make a call using a sales pre-call planning sheet. Pre-sales call sheets force you to think about the elements … Continue reading

Preparing to Sell

Must have product knowledge and sales skills to win in sales Continue reading

Basics that Lead to Sales Success

ThereĀ are fundamental principles in every profession that must be practiced in order to succeed Continue reading