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5 Questions Your Prospects are Silently Asking

There are five questions every prospect is asking about you the salesperson, according to the great #Jeb Blount #@SalesGravy; Do I like you? Do you listen to me? Do you make me feel important or significant? Do you get me and my problems do you understand me? Do I trust and believe you? I will … Continue reading

Sales Call Planning Specifics

My last article covered a few of the basics relating to planning to sell. I covered the importance of product knowledge and developing sales skills. Today I want to show you how to formally plan to make a call using a sales pre-call planning sheet. Pre-sales call sheets force you to think about the elements … Continue reading

Preparing to Sell

Must have product knowledge and sales skills to win in sales Continue reading

Basics that Lead to Sales Success

There are fundamental principles in every profession that must be practiced in order to succeed Continue reading